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A comprehensive and complete training plan offers the best information security strategies

All are constant targets of malicious people. Training and awareness are essential for a safe structure.

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Sky.Security Awareness


Many successful cyberattacks are the result of human error! Hackers use social engineering techniques to trick people into gaining access to sensitive systems and information.

User cybersecurity awareness and training is a critical component of any information security strategy. By educating employees about the risks and threats, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and minimize the impact of any incidents that occur. By implementing a comprehensive and up-to-date cybersecurity user awareness program, companies can improve their security culture, increase customer confidence, and protect their sensitive information from internal and external threats.

Sky.Security Awareness differentials

The Cybersecurity Awareness and Training program proposes solutions focused on adequacy and updating on current threats to cybersecurity.

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Assessment of the organization's specific needs and vulnerabilities

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Education on social engineering techniques used by hackers and how to avoid them

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Risk analysis

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Review of existing policies and procedures

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Assessment of error-prone areas

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Training and simulations to deal with security incidents

Why Implement Sky.Security Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

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  • Security Maturity: Trained users to identify and deal with threats

  • Reducing costs with security by being able to assess and manage and evaluate areas where users may be more likely to make mistakes

  • Stimulating and strengthening learning: knowing the main resources, names and situations about cybersecurity, provides security for the team to work

  • Data protection: creating awareness and motivation for the protection of personal and company data

  • Governance: analysis of the company's current scenario for solid planning, direction and risk management

  • Culture of Compliance: Training for everyone to be aware of security threats

  • Closing the Gaps: Preventing Breaches Due to Human Error


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