Security Operations Center - SOC

Its enhanced cyber defense capability

The SOC enhances your organization's threat detection, response, and prevention capabilities by tying and coordinating all cybersecurity technologies and operations.

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Why use Sky.Security SOC?

Your systems are monitored 24×7 by information security specialists who are continuously on the lookout for events , threats and  vulnerabilities acting on mitigation , remediation and containment of attacks or malicious behavior .

The service portfolio comprises a range of areas of activity, for each type of need with broad and reliable specializations:

Alert monitoring and triage

Management of tools categorized as SIEM

Response to security incidents

Vulnerability Management

threat intelligence

Market research

forensic analysis

Red team for executing offensive tasks

The differentials of SOC Sky.Security

Our differentials, when combined, contribute to the effectiveness of the SOC, allowing for more accurate detection and faster response to security incidents, in addition to providing an executive view of relevant metrics and trends.

  • Sky.Security SOC

    structured approach

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Integration of data sources

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Use of recognized frameworks

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Automation and orchestration

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Threat intelligence embeddings

  • Sky.Security SOC

    Comprehensive incident response

What the Sky.Security SOC does

To feel protected, you need a set of tools that are actively working to mitigate risk. Our SOC works from planning to recovery, refinement and compliance of your systems. Its management cannot stop for attack attempts.

  • Real-time Threat Detection: Helps identify and detect cybersecurity threats in real-time, enabling quick and effective response
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Assists in looking for suspicious activity, helping to prevent attacks before they cause significant damage
  • More Efficient Incident Response: Provides a centralized framework for responding to and mitigating security attacks
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Advanced techniques and algorithms for analyzing large volumes of data, identifying abnormal patterns and behaviors.
  • Protection against known and unknown threats: We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify new types of threats
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance: Helps ensure security practices comply with regulations and industry standards
  • Forensics: Provide forensic analysis capabilities to investigate the origins of the attack and gather relevant evidence.
  • Anomaly Detection: Identifying unusual events or behavior in systems that may indicate a potential security breach
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