Prevent your company from attacks with Sky.Security 's Pentest

Anticipate attacks, identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks that threaten your systems. Regulation, flexibility, technology and expertise to protect your systems.

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Why use Pentest?

information security experts from Sky.One and its cybersecurity partners. Its objective is to anticipate the steps of real malicious agents, in their attempt to exploit system and application vulnerabilities, to correct them before they are used for malicious purposes and to mitigate risks.

After carrying out the Pentest, it is possible to simulate real attacks to understand how systems and applications behave in response to these attacks, evaluating how the surface exposed to attacks behaves and what measures are taken to mitigate the risks.

The differentials of Pentest Sky.Security

In addition to the experience and specialized knowledge of the Sky.Security team, our differentials ensure that our Pentest is comprehensive, reliable and capable of identifying existing vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, providing the necessary information to improve your security and protect your business against attacks. malicious.

  • Gain insight into the overall health of your application, network, and security layers and find real-world vulnerabilities

  • Assess and quantify potential impacts on operational and business functions

  • Assists in the simulation of real attacks to understand how systems, network and applications behave in response to these attacks

  • Quantify the need for more significant investments in security technology and personnel

  • Determine security viability under different types of cyber attacks

  • Helps prevent future attacks by implementing and validating up-to-date security controls

  • Understand how your current defenses would fare when faced with a full-scale cyberattack

  • Discover where you are most vulnerable to attack and proactively strengthen those weaknesses before hackers exploit them

What Pentest Sky.Security does

Pentest helps prevent future attacks by implementing and
validating up-to-date security controls. By understanding and assessing how current defenses would perform when faced with a large-scale cyberattack, it is possible to discover and fix key vulnerabilities in your systems.

  • Implementing a proactive cybersecurity audit method
  • Mitigation of information leaks
  • Identification of risks and impacts on the business
  • Test for validation and adjustment of information security policies
  • Preservation of the company's reputation
  • Financial loss prevention

The Pentest or Penetration Test generates deliverables at the conclusion of activities that show compliance and critical points that need improvement, they are:

  • Results report: detailing the results obtained with the Penetration Test, including mapped dependencies, identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for vulnerabilities corrections;
  • Results analysis: summarizes the Penetration Test results and provides highlights of key findings.
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