Endpoint Detection and Response

Constant monitoring of environments, identification of vulnerabilities, recommendation and implementation of mitigation and contingency actions.

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Platforms and services

How do we protect your business data?

Advanced EDR solution

Correlated and contextualized visibility and insights, accelerating triage and root cause analysis.

real-time answers

When attackers breach prevention measures, endpoint detection and response happen autonomously and in real-time.

All in one place

Data stored in the largest data centers in the world and under continuous monitoring by our expert cybersecurity team.

EDR Resources

Single platform, cloud-delivered, with true multi-tenant capabilities to meet the needs of global enterprises and MSSPx;

The best industry coverage Linux, MacOS, Windows;

Automated correlation and one-click correction;

Accessible data retention of more than 365 days for complete historical analysis.

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Sky.One has the purpose of taking the path to the clouds with your company. And beyond them, through technology to help you reach the top.

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