The Sky.Simple Integra.Sky platforms will transform the universe of ERP systems and their users in this important market

Sky.One Sky.One startup specializing in the development of platforms that automate and facilitate the use of cloud computing, launches two new products aimed at the small and medium-sized business market. The two platforms, integrated, will enable the ERP solutions provider to retain its own customers, offering external solutions and financial services quickly and simply, in the cloud.

We are transforming the experience that software development companies have today, helping them to offer increasingly complete solutions to their customers”, says Ricardo Brandão, CEO of Sky.One Solutions. The launch took place on March 10, during the Sky.One Connect , which brought together professionals who develop, resell and operate in the software market in the Americas.

“We were able to deliver two products to software development companies that will facilitate and simplify the daily lives of ERP managers and users in a quick, complete and user experience way”, celebrates Brandão. “These are two products that were developed thinking about the future of legacy and web software, using modern architecture and ensuring simple and secure integration with any ERP”, completes the executive. Sky.Simple and Integra.Sky provide, for example, basic modules for flows to take place without the need for codes. As they were developed to serve the SME market, they are able to deliver a product at an affordable price and with the same level of convenience and ease that integration platforms offer to large customers.  

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We know that small and large companies use management systems to record their business' financial operations and bring these operations stored in a database. Sky.Simple Sky.Simple the market to simplify, as it aims to connect to the management system to facilitate the financial processes of companies with financial institutions.

“The Sky.Simple platform makes an intelligent analysis of all operations, then understands the needs of each company in particular and automatically offers financial operations in a simple and fully digital way”, exemplifies the CEO of Sky.One , Ricardo Brandão.

In addition to being focused on offering financial services in management systems, Sky.Simple is the first Brazilian techfin developed for management systems that serves from legacy systems to digital platforms of various financial partners, in Brazil and the world.

Among the main benefits of Sky.Simple are:

  • Competitive rates: you can search for the best rates among different financial institutions for each customer
  • Credit always available: provides the necessary support to customers to maintain an always positive cash flow
  • 100% digital: all its functionalities are carried out digitally, such as registrations, documents, forms, signatures and supports

Sky.Simple was created to simplify the life of the customer, the ISV and the Financial Market. Customers will have their banking transactions facilitated, bringing convenience, expanding access to financial market services, in addition to improving their experience in the market itself. For the ISV, the platform brings financial stability, customer loyalty, percentage of gain on each operation, portfolio expansion, differentiation from the competition and a recurring cash turnover. The rich information and access to several clients are the advantages that the platform brings to the Financial Market.

Created to integrate applications, the platform is an IPaaS aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Integra.Sky was developed using a modern architecture, based on a concept of Privacy by Design. It still allows applications to talk to each other in a safe and simple way and without complex programming.

Integra.Sky Integra.Sky the needs of the most diverse applications and can be used in the following formats:

  • API Gateway: call operations (atomic units) synchronously
  • Flows: execution of one or more operations, with a predetermined flow and without synchronization. Flows can have temporal triggers, or be triggered by external requests
  • Designed to allow developers of external solutions and ERPs to create their modules once and make it available to all their customers with one click.

Among the main benefits that Integra.Sky can bring to companies, we can highlight:

  • Security and encryption: the communication, authentication, encryption and auditing mechanisms available in Integra ensure that integrations adhere to the best available security practices
  • Technical standardization: when using Integra, the ISV has the opportunity to create APIs quickly and safely, exposing to the world a standardized and secure format of interconnections through RESTful interfaces
  • Monitoring: through Integra, the operator can verify the success of each of the stages of a communication flow and also its changes, even when a process suffers failures
  • Reliability: As the product is based on a highly distributed and scalable architecture, it allows you to accommodate load variations safely and reliably
  • Integration speed: by providing several basic modules on which integrations can be built, Integra.Sky has several flows that can be created without the need for any code, greatly reducing the time needed to execute them
  • API for legacy ERP: through Integra, legacy software can offer modern APIs, even if they still don't have them available natively. This is possible because Integra.Sky allows public interfaces to be built in REST format.

As Integra.Sky was developed to serve the SME market, it manages to deliver a product at an affordable price and with the same level of convenience and ease that integration platforms offer to large customers.

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