The arrival of the pandemic in Brazil, just over a year ago, demanded a series of adaptations from companies to guarantee the health and safety of their employees. To adapt to remote work, many companies needed to migrate their systems to the cloud. With data in the virtual environment, concerns about data security have risen. The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) came into effect to regulate the processing of user data by public and private companies. In this context, it has become even more necessary to promote topics related to technology and cybersecurity within organizations. But how to improve and ensure data security? What are the best solutions and applications? Sky.One Connect 2021 Sky.One those answers.

The second edition of the event, 100% digital, will bring together big names in the market, who will present what is most relevant in the universe of technology and information security, in addition to sharing trends related to business, innovation and management. In addition, the trail will feature lectures and a round table focused on cybersecurity, one of the priority topics on the corporate agenda.

But why do we need to talk about LGPD? 

The LGPD is a key factor in promoting security policies in the virtual environment within companies. According to a survey carried out by ICTS Protiviti, a risk management and compliance consultancy, more than 80% of companies are unprepared for the LGPD. To avoid possible fines, companies that do not comply with the Law must adapt quickly.

In parallel, with recent changes in data privacy regulations, companies must be aware of threats that can weaken their digital spaces. It is necessary to pay attention to cyberattacks and cloud computing vulnerability, for example, since misconfigured cloud instances can be open doors for hackers, resulting in serious consequences for companies and their customers. Therefore, when investing in cloud , it is essential to be sure that the chosen cloud service is in line with LGPD standards, ensuring a secure structure through encrypted data.

 What to expect from the Technology and Safety Trail?

During Sky.One Connect, it will be possible to clear all doubts about the universe of security and technology with big names in the market. Speakers on this track will be Dagoberto Hajjar, founder of ADVANCE, Cesar Cândido, Sales Director at Trend Micro Brasil and Lauro de Lauro, COO at Sky.One .   

The round table, focused on cybersecurity, will count with important specialists such as Roberto Arruda from Sky.One , Nycholas Szucko from Microsoft, Marcos Oliveira from Palo Alto Network, Thiago Morisse from Veracode, Lucas Bernardes from INTER, Gabriel Loschi from Banco BV and Claudia Fukasawa of Magazine Luiza.

To participate, just click here and secure your ticket. Stay on top of the main technologies and measures to ensure data security in companies and be in full compliance with the LGPD. Count on Sky.One to provide security for your company!

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